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The Unicorn (With a Harp)

I miss the place where we belonged to no one,
white light streamed through the window
to conjure up a unicorn's shadow
sleeping in a virgin's lap.

The hours passed and we didn't notice.
Why ask the painful question
when all we needed to get to heaven
was hold each other's hand. 

Kiss the fingers spinning and weaving
the story that will be undone at night
let's live happily and ever after
out of reality and out of sight 

What am I to you and what are you to me
a gift wrapped, beautiful break from eternity.
What are you to me and what am I to you
a point of no return where even history is new.

I miss the place where I belonged to someone,
we lived for one another
and being alive hurt no longer
in a café at the end of time.  

Our dreams were floating in the badly cleaned glasses
how could we delay the ending?
-the silver harp was already playing
the cruel final seven chords