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The Memories Remain

Music: Trev Reed, Lyrics: Renata Connors

I pushed a chair against the table, I saw your picture on the wall,
I want to cry but I'm not able, I've got no tears left anymore.
And I block out the pain, but the memories remain.

On the night that I first met you, I thought I'd walked into a dream,
In your eyes my hopes were dancing, like silver fishes in a stream.
And the magic of the glow, started melting all the snow.

Our lives were filled with flowers, there was colour everywhere,
all the love songs were about us, we were so happy then and there.
Now the memories remain, they're a balsam for my pain.

Memories keep flooding back, I'll never forget.
Our song was beautiful in a duet.
I'm lucky to have known you, I can never forget.
Our song was beautiful in a duet.

I remember in the mountains, that peaceful peak we loved the most,
Only birds and clouds were witness on the day that I proposed.
You put your gentle hand in mine and made the moment so divine.

I still see you walk, so graceful, as you'd glide across the floor.
You were everything I needed, I really couldn’t ask for more.
Now the memories remain, they’re more powerful than pain.