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You Know What?

I read you line by line but there's no sign of any sense,
you made the dictionary lie, we're trapped in this pretence.

I'm a fantasy that failed, youre a hero with no sword,
I thought I had it nailed, but Ive been playing the wrong chord.

And you know what?
Do you know, do you know what?
I just don't care.
I'm far too cool for school.
I just don't care
Na, na, na, na,na / na, na, na, na, na, Na na nanananna

I don't have perfect pitch, I'm not perfect in any way
but I don't contradict myself in everything I say

So stuff your Holy Grail, the rules that always bend
in the direction you walk and which I don't understand.

CH: And you know what...

I put my glasses on to see what I have missed
The writin's bigger now but I still don’t get the gist.

My eyes are tired and sore but still you make no sense.
To hell with comprehension checks! This story is past tense.

CH: And you know what...