Renata & Trev
Singer/Songwriter Duo
This is a website dedicated to our self-penned songs. Some are mostly written by Renata, some are mostly written by Trev and the ones in the middle are cooperations. Under each heading you'll find lyrics and for a few there will be demos or videos.
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A poem about us by Harry Galagher,
the host of the spoken word night The Stanza:

A Happy Land
There is a happy land
of harmonics and songs
and poetry with music
and it doesn't take long
to get carried along
with the magic cast
by the rise and fall
and the pulse of it all,
from the first fresh note
until the dying of the last.
And as the voices sing
and the harmonies ring,
there's only one thing
left to say:
Muchlove and respect
to our house band,
who do indeed
make a happy land!
Renata Renata & Trev Trev
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